About Me

Hey everyone, my name is Dan and I am a Canadian photographer, based out of Napanee, Ontario. 
My primary subjects are landscapes, but I also have a deep passion for black and white photography, and I'm a sucker for a great sunset or sunrise. 
When I see a scene, the first things I notice are the shadows, and wonder what is hiding there waiting to be seen. That's where the character of the image lives.  With that in mind, you will find that I process my images in a way that allows the shadows to take centre stage.
I am available for event photography, portraiture, pet photography, or any custom work you might have a need for.
I am also available for tutoring camera basics, image composition, image management, and post processing training. You can also "rent me" to go out in the field with you and provide on the spot ideas.
Just go to the Contact page and let me know what you would like to setup!
Thanks for stopping by!

Mellon Lake reflection

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